Advertise With Us

Advertise With Us

Product Ads is an advertising program that puts your products in front of millions of De-Mbarukas customers. As an advertiser, you simply email us your advert creative (Banner, Side or Corner Banner, Text etc) we then display your ads in highly targeted placements throughout the De-Mbarukas site. When customers are interested in your product, they click through to your website.

  •  No monthly fees and no minimum spend.
  •  De-Mbarukas delivers you engaged customers.

Online advertising on can expose your creative to millions of qualified customers in a relevant and powerful way. The high-traffic, high-visibility placements are available throughout the De-Mbarukas site including the home page, search pages, and product detail pages.

  •  Place your brand, services or products in front of some of the savviest internet users in the world.

Does your business sell services instead of products? De-Mbarukas Ads offers the unique opportunity to promote your services alongside products on De-Mbarukas. Whether you provide home theater installation, travel reservations, financial advice, or other select services, you can connect with active De-Mbarukas customers who are shopping for related products.

  •  Gain highly visible, targeted placement on De-Mbarukas.
  •  Confidently control your campaign spending and performance.